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Undercounter Dishwashers

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Due to the high wash power, the double-walled housing and the robust filter systems, it is the quiet and resource-saving dishwashing solution for your busy workaday life.


  • Electronic control with temperature indication
  • Flat surface of control panel
  • 3 selectable wash cycles
  • Rotating top and bottom wash system to distribute the wash water evenly over the dishes
  • Indented nozzles prevent blocking
  • Thermostop-function for guaranteed rinse temperatures
  • Integrated self-cleaning cycle
  • Stainless steel rinse arm and housing
  • Removal of rinse arms without any tools
  • Easy access to all parts

Plus - Features

  • Deep-drawn wash tank
  • Double-walled housing and heat insulated front door
  • Tank strainer, coarse filter and pump suction casing
  • Door damping control
  • Loading height above average: 425 mm, for easy loading of large plates
  • Fully equipped with detergent and rinse aid dispenser, rinse pressure pump and drain pump

Standard equipment

  • Plate rack P-18-12
  • Universal flat rack B-00-07
  • Plastic cutlery rack with 4 boxes 01-246175-1
  • Heater with thermostat control
  • Electric cable, flexible water supply hose and drain hose
  • Rear panelling
  The installation of machines with integrated water softener requires a back flow safety device (at site) according to DVGW-DIN 1988. Line pressure required: 0.8 to 6 ba